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If you find it challenging and time consuming to locate and share files – we should introduce you to Therefore™ information management software!

We help clients who find they have an overwhelming amount of paperwork their staff are dealing with.

They’re relieved once we provide a solution which allows them to scan all their document information e.g. consignments into Therefore™. The data is then consolidated, and can even be linked to other software e.g. online accounting – through a custom integration.

That way, many clients have reduced their processing time e.g. creating invoices – from one day to one hour, and significantly reduced costs for wages and paperwork.

Thankfully with our Canon and Therefore’s process automation solutions, you’ll enjoy improved efficiencies and decreased costs – enabling your staff to work more productively.

Information management to the rescue!
Therefore - Information management

Enhance your business

Therefore™ information management software enables you to store, manage and process all kinds of business information efficiently, economically and securely throughout your organisation.

Therefore™ gives us consistency. Our employees' work is made easier, we've made our workflow efficient, and our customers get a better product. Therefore™ document management is a success for us.

Tony HansenCustomer Service Manager